manila roots, new york fruits!


I am aware that this is the part where I say edgy/soft/scholarly artiste proclamations like:

“The cold, sharp chisels are the extension of my limbs. And with the weight of human existence as a power source, the laborious mating dance as the blade meets linoleum heralds the birth of prosaic scars” -me, when wearing a beret.

Or something with the word chrysalis or examination or juxtaposition??

But you’re in the About Me page!

Hi there! I am Sacha, pronounced as Sat-cha. Thanks for visiting my inter web portal zone! Let’s get personal *sax interlude*

I am first and foremost a Filipina immigrant. It scares me sometimes that I’m about to have spent a decade living in New York, which is about half the time I spent growing up in the Philippines. That’s because you will find that my homeland is such an integral part of my worldview and is always present in my work. It’s human nature to connect with stories, so even if we do not have anything in common but find your interest in my work piqued, I welcome you with a warm pre-Covid embrace!

I carve, print and draw from my Brooklyn homestudio which is a word I misuse to call the dinner table pulled to the couch (I sit on a step ladder when I carve). SO ELEGANT!! I know it sounds scrappy and maybe even unromantic. I also didn’t go to some prestigious art school nor do I have savant-like technical skills that were reared as a nurtured artist spirit from childhood. But you know what? It doesn’t change how I aim to produce meaningful figurations applied to useful things that embrace comfort, forge a connection and honor the home space as a containment of our selves. Not just a vibe, not just a moment, ya girl is hella honest with a story to tell.